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  1. 1. ABOUT MPSC

Maharashtra Public Service Commission ("MPSC" or "the Commission") is an Autonomous Body constituted and set up under Article 315 of the Constitution of India to discharge the duties and functions as assigned under Article 320 of the Constitution. The Commission accordingly recommends suitable candidates for the various posts under the Government and advises Government on various service matters like formulation of recruitment rules, on promotions, transfers, and disciplinary proceedings, etc.

    1. 2.1 As assigned under Article 320 of the Constitution of India, MPSC has been entrusted with the following major functions:-
      1. (1) To conduct examinations for appointments to the services of the Government of Maharashtra
      2. (2) To advise the State Government on:-
        1. (a) Matters relating to methods of recruitment to the various services.
        2. (b) Suitability of candidates for appointment to the services through promotions, deputations, nominations, and transfers.
        3. (c) Disciplinary matters affecting Government servants.
        4. (d) Claims for reimbursement of legal expenses incurred by Government servants while defending legal proceedings instituted against them for acts done or purporting to be done in the execution of their duties.
        5. (e) Claims for the award of injury/family pension to Government servants and,
        6. (f) Any other matter referred to them by the Governor
    2. 2.2 Under Section 80-B of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, the Commission has been entrusted with the responsibility of advising:-
      1. (1) The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai regarding appointments to posts under the control of Corporation, which are equivalent to or higher than the post Executive Engineer, and
      2. (2) The Mumbai Electric Supply and Transport undertaking regarding appointments to posts in Grade- A-II.

Last Updated on : 21-10-2021